INVESTING IN HUMAN CAPITAL – Communicating and Connecting

INVESTING IN HUMAN CAPITAL – Communicating and Connecting

 Workshop held at Corporate Alliance in Midvate – June 19, 2018 – Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

 “I have known Illens Dort for many years.  He has always impressed me in every situation I have encountered him. I had the opportunity to attend his 2-hour training.  He is masterful in his content writing and presenting.  I loved the understanding that your influence will never exceed your connection with any individual.  I have learned so much from Illens and his training was no different.  It has stayed with me and made an impact.”  —Pam Wilson

“A good teacher connects with the materials he teachers and hopes or even at time wants to force the learners to connect with the materials. An excellent teacher connects with the materials and also connects with the learners. By connecting with the learners and the materials, the excellent teacher creates an environment so the learners can also connect with the materials. This is also true for connectors and influencers. They are passionate and they also know the importance of connecting with their audience.” —Illens Dort

The next workshop will be held at Corporate Alliance in Provo on July 18 from 1 to 3. The topic is THE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE (A new approach to winning in business and life!). 

Think about the biggest issues you are dealing with right now, either in your business or personal life. Maybe you’re trying to hit a sales goal, or your team has too much turnover, or you would like to help a struggling department soar. Maybe your health isn’t where you want it, or your relationships could be better.

Whatever the issue, imagine if you had a reliable process that empowered you to navigate change and solve any of your challenges. What if that process provided an actionable plan and pathway that would turn your dreams and opportunities into reality? What would that process be worth to you personally, professionally, and in your relationships? Imagine how great you will feel and the energy it will bring to your team when you not only successfully navigate change and solve your problem, but you exceed your expectations.

This is the heart of The Transformation Challenge: to apply our propriety Six-Step Process to any issue in your life—from the business-oriented to the personal—and discover how the process transforms the issue into a positive outcome.

Illens Dort is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Thank you for your time!!!  Illens Dort – author of Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart. To buy a copy go to



 Leadership Is Everything” —Randy Garn

I listened to an amazing podcast where my good friend, Rob Shallenberger, held a Q&A with Randy Garn. Randy is a very accomplished leader and an incredible human. His leadership style reflects in his personal life, family life, community support and influence, and also in business. Rob is the CEO of Becoming Your Best, an amazing organization. Rob served as an F-16 Fighter Pilot in the Airforce for 11 years. Rob also co-authored this book, The Transformation Challenge, with his father Steven Shallenberger. Rob and Randy shared some great insights on the subject of leadership, personal and professional development.

Here is how Randy concluded the podcast:

And it has been it’s been amazing, both for myself but other people keep referencing it in our office so all of the listeners I’d say you know the most important thing to do is to continue to work on yourself and continue to become the best individual, the best human, the best person that you can, and that way you can really reach out to others in a big way. And so I’m just that’s the one thing but I’m trying to do a lot better is to be the best you know leader that I can be and change as many lives but I possibly can before I go to the other side. And, so the other thing is one last thing – relating back to that story, is that a lot of people think you know in today’s society it’s like you know well I should deserve that or I should you know that’s something that I deserve. I should deserve to be the CEO or I should deserve to have lots of money. I will tell you, that you really don’t get what you deserve in life. You get what you work hard for and what you negotiate. So those are the two things – the two principles I live by: you don’t get what you deserve in life you get what you fight, scratch, beg and plead for and negotiate. That’s what you end up getting in life so that’s part of my last leadership tip for everyone.

Illens Dort is a Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer of Becoming Your Best. Thank you for your time!!!  Illens Dort – author of Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart. To buy a copy go to



 The Power of Concentration and Focus

You may not be a soccer (football) fan. You may not care about the soccer fever that is going on in the world because of the World Cup in Russia. But if you had a chance to watch this sensational match between Spain and Portugal; two teams that are listed as the top 10 best teams in this tournament; you had experienced an amazing soccer game.

Spain had won the World Cup in 2010, but failed to advance after the first round in 2014. Since that time, they manage to build an extraordinary team with David de Gea as the best goalkeeper in the tournament. Portugal is the defending European Champion. They are led by one of the best players in the world, Christian Ronaldo. Both teams gave the fans a match they will not forget soon.

It was a battle since the very beginning when Ronaldo was brought down in the penalty area. He took the opportunity to place the ball in one corner of the goal and send the star goalkeeper to the other side. As you could anticipate, Spain found a way to tie the game before the first half was over.

When Ronald is playing and you are a soccer fan, you have to keep an eye or both eyes on him, because you never know when he is going to make an incredible move or play. I am glad I did not miss that one. I watched him run to the pit with such a great determination. He was the first to get there. He had a look on his face that sent a feeling of fear to his opponents and assurance and confidence to his teammates. It did not take too long before he struck a powerful shot that found its way in the net.

One lesson to learn from that moment is that he created the opportunity. He took the shot even though he did not place it in a position where the Spain goalkeeper had a perfect opportunity to save it. That situation reminded me when I used to coach. I always told the players to take chances by taking shots on goal because you never know what might happen. This approach is also true in life and business. You have to try and keep trying. There is no perfect moment, or if there is going to be one, you must help create it.

Back to the game – there were some amazing plays and six beautiful goals – 3 for each team. But Ronaldo came out as the start of the game by scoring all the 3 goals for Portugal. The third one was a superb one. I watched him very close. I knew he would bend the ball and place it in the top corner of the goal. I also thought that moment could create a possibility for the Spain goalkeeper, David de Gea, to make a sensational save as well.

But after watching the concentration and focus on the face of Ronaldo, I had to change my mind. It was a direct kick, only two to three feet outside of the penalty area – a perfect range for an exceptional player like Ronaldo. However, he did not take that opportunity lightly. He placed the ball on the ground and stepped back. He took several deep breaths. He closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked at the target. He was laser focus. It seemed that he had cleared all distractions. One thing mattered at that moment – scoring the equalizing goal. Spain was leading 3 to 2 after scoring two consecutive goals.

The star knew he had a moment to save his team from losing the game. He put a spin on the ball so it could travel over and around the defensive line to find his way to the top corner. The Spain goalkeeper could only look at the ball going to the net. There was noting he could have done to make a save. Ronaldo’s execution was impeccable. He knew it, and so did everyone who watched it. He had to combine his physical energy, emotional energy, and mental energy to take that shot that scored the equalizing goal.

As leaders in the home, community or at work; there are times when we will face tough challenges and feel that the game is on the line. We need to be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to know what to do and have the courage to do the right thing and take the difficult decisions. Do you have the discipline to remain laser focused on the task at hand knowing that the people you are leading depend on you to help them navigate the stormy weather?  Are you taking the time to prepare yourselves in these four areas of energy, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental? As you know well, when the time for execution comes, the time for preparation is long gone. And the noise that is inside of your heart and mind can be the toughest distraction or your toughest competitor. Are you prepared well enough so you can remain calm and focus even in the midst of tough time?

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Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart   (Read – Apply – Grow)

Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart (Read – Apply – Grow)

Thank you Illens for sharing your gift of genuine and heartfelt communication. Your book – Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart, was a perfect read for me.  It speaks to anyone who strives to make a difference in the lives of others! 

This book exemplifies the importance of human relations and communication in both personal and professional situations. When I read your book, I am reminded of the importance of being true to character. 

I recommend this book to anyone who works with people, cares about people and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  Your uplifting thoughts are a cherished gift to me and will be to anyone who takes time to read your book! it is such a privilege to interact with you on both a personal and professional level and now to have your book as a resource is priceless!  Thank you!” —Kerry Scheller – Regional Manager

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Thank you for your time!!!  Illens Dort – authour of Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart.

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