Who Is Illens Dort?

Illens Dort is a passionate and dynamic speaker who keeps his audience engaged whether it is a small group of 30 or a large group of over 1000. If you are looking for a speaker who can connect with your nonprofit fundraising events, or you need someone to inspire, teach, and equip your team, Illens is your man. Illens can tailor his message to fit your specific needs and the composition of your audience. Areas of focus include: management, leadership, nonprofit, organizational development. Illens is the founder and founding CEO of International Aid Serving Kids, and a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses scholar. He is also the founder and CEO of HumanEkdromi, a company that focuses on humanitarian excursions, corporate training and executive retreats. Illens is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with both Becoming Your Best and The John Maxwerll Team.


Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart

In a world where minds and hearts continually search for hope and enlightenment, Illens Dort offers a treasury of short aphorisms to inspire, encourage, and motivate. His core momentum of creativity is energized with this goal in mind: “What can I offer that is unique, distinctive, and inimitable for the audience to which I am reaching out?” What he produces is a wealth of brief gems that open one’s vision to the higher values of life and personal connectedness with those we love. His flowing archive of sayings offers simple but memorable strategies to make each day more meaningful and productive. Illens is a person of great charity with a global outreach to bless many lives and families around the world. Please explore his offerings and see how your life, too, can be enriched and edified through his succinct reminders of wisdom and truth.

—R. J. Allen, Ph.D., Author and Educator