Inspiring Thoughts by Illens Dort – Weekly Publication

Inspiring Thoughts by Illens Dort – Weekly Publication

Introduction to the Weekly Inspiring Thoughts

From the comfort of your Internet Devices and from the chamber of your hearts and minds, we welcome you this week to Inspiring Thoughts by Illens Dort. Axioms have had a great influence on me since I was a child, growing up in Haiti. I have read some of the works of Blaise Pascal, Victor Hugo, Francois de La Rochefoucauld, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and many other great philosophers. Over the years I have also become acquainted with profound sayings from people that you and I associate with on a daily basis. We don’t usually quote these people because they are not famous. However, very often, their ideas or mentorship may stay with us for many years.

When I face a unique situation and try to find a way to express my feelings, it seems more comfortable to put them in a simple package – a maxim. Sometimes these aphorisms come to me while I am conversing with someone. Other times they come after hours of deep reflection.

After sharing these adages with friends and relatives, they encouraged me to offer them to the public. Some people have gone as far as to ask me to share the circumstances that led to these thoughts. I encourage you to read each aphorism and pause to contemplate how it might inspire your life before moving on to the description that shows how it has inspired mine.

What to expect.

I will publish at least one thought every week.  I encourage you to share how it influences your lives. Once a week I will also publish some of the comments we receive from our readership. The meaning of a maxim can be unique to each individual. So, feel comfortable to tell us what you think when you read them and share them with others in your circle of influence.


We will select some images and ask you to vote for the image of the month.

At the end of each month we will also ask you to vote to help identify which thought that had the greatest impact on the audience.

One simple rule.

This forum is created to lift and inspire the human spirit. Keep this in mind as you share your comments and pictures.