I have decided to go over “The Law of the Mirror” again. This law states, “You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.” This statement is so powerful. When a person doesn’t value himself, it’s hard for him to want to add value to others. When you work with people (young and old), it’s important for them to know that you value them and you want to add value to them.

John Maxwell says it this way, “The value we place on ourselves is usually the value others place on us.” What value do you put on yourself? He shares 10 steps you can use to build your self-image. I will share them 2 at a time so you can digest them slowly.

  1. Guard Your Self-Talk

You are constantly communicating with yourself. You sometimes do it in your sleep or in your sub-conscience. Are you telling yourself positive things? Or are you beating yourself down? Children grow up getting 30 nos for every yes they receive.  Few years ago, I interviewed a successful business who was working on a business that he knew that was going to be worth 2 billion dollars. He told me that, “Illens, I love it when people tell me I can’t do it. That makes me want to do it so badly.” Not only we have the world around us whispering in our ears (sometimes even screaming) we can’t do it, you also add your own negative self-talks. Do you take time to encourage yourself? Do you take time to compliment yourself? Practice positive self-talk. I am excellent. I am happy. I can do it.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I discovered a secret long time ago. Here it is. We are all in the middle. I will let you dissect this simple statement. The moment you start spending time comparing yourself to others, you allow yourself to be distracted. By the way when you are you on the growth journey, you are not too concerned about who is ahead of you and who is behind you. When you are stagnant, you have a lot of times to check the line.

It’s only a weak mind and a fainted heart that constantly lives on the comparison planet.