Take time to reflect on the beauty of this earth and to connect with nature.

Taking time to reflect daily brings us closer to our purpose in this life. We are not fugitives who are lost on the road of this mortal probation. We came to earth with a unique goal and a mission to accomplish. We were given an assignment and a road map. We accepted both the goal and the plan.

At the end of each day we might find it useful to take time to ponder and reflect on the good we have done. We need to take time to reflect on the beauty of this earth and to connect with nature.

John C. Maxwell, intentionally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and New York Times Bestselling author states, “Reflection turns experience into insight. As we pull away and we reflect our experiences can become insight if let life-lessons be taught to us.”

Today I was in Southern Utah. I looked at the mountain. I saw beauty all around me. Even though the mountain I was looking at did not have much vegetations, it was still beautiful. There is beauty all around us. The question is do we make time to see it, appreciate it and connect with the beauty of this planet?

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