Purpose of a Mastermind

 In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich, Hill claims that the Master Mind was Andrew Carnegie’s secret of success. He defines the Master Mind as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.” It is easy to see how a group of business owners meeting together on a regular basis can share experiences and expertise that can benefit each member of the group. What’s not so easy, however, is for businesses owners to form such a Master Mind group. Illens is doing the hard work by facilitating the formation of Master Mind groups. He is taping his network of successful business owners and organizing synergistic Master Mind groups. As a member of one of these groups, it is easy for me to see the value and how being a part of one of Illen’s Master Mind groups will contribute to the success of each of the members of our group. 

D. Scott Elder – Executive Director, Live Astonished

 Personal Master Mind Council Experience 

At one of our Master Mind Councils one of our members, Russ Bradshaw, a Certified Public Accountant, shared with us the importance of Internal Account Controls. He detailed the different areas where Internal Controls are important and the Control Techniques for each of these areas. These are fundamental accounting control measures that most small businesses don’t put into place until after a costly problem occurs. It would be hard to put an exact value on this one insight from just one Master Mind Council; but as a small business owner I can confidently say that based on my business experiences, it can easily save a company several thousand dollars a year. 

D. Scott Elder – Executive Director, Live Astonished 


Joining the Mastermind Council has benefited my network, my intellect, and my overall ability as a business owner. I’ve been grateful to learn from others who have made great impacts within their respective industries, and I hope I’ve been able to benefit them as well. I am always looking forward to the next council meeting, as it’s quickly become an important staple of my schedule. 

Eric Dahl – Founder and President of Revmarka (revmarka.com)

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