I wanted to reach out and express my many thanks to Illens Dort for his service-based leadership training class.   It was well worth the time and the minimal fee to attend.  Learning about how some of the great leaders in business and business leadership such as John Maxwell and Dave Ramsey have begun to implement a service-centered leadership approach was simply inspiring!  I felt impressed and moved to change our approach to leading my team by an example of service.  I learned that if as a leadership team, we can look for ways to serve employees, our retail stores and ultimately our customer, it can create a reciprocal loyalty of our brand and a positive energy within the walls of the company that propels growth and elevates all.  I would highly recommend attending this class or any that Illens offers.  Illens has a wonderfully humble way of teaching, while giving powerful tools that enable you to lead with compassion. Thanks, Illens! I look forward to your next class. — Heather Granata – Little Adventures LLC, Owner – http://littleadventures.com  – Comfortable – Washable – Guaranteed! – http://babylaundryandmore.com – This Moment Matters

Dear Illens, I really enjoyed the Leadership Conference. I appreciate the invitation. It is always nice to hear from you as well. You are a great speaker and have much insight and wisdom to share. I look forward to reading your book. Keep up the amazing work you do. —-Kathleen Lopez BSB – CEO & Broker – Sentinel –  www.utahsentinelgroup.com

Illens is a shining example of someone who thinks and acts with a compassionate heart. The concepts that he shares in regards to servant leadership principles are insightful and have a proven track record for success. — Allan Smart, MBA – Partner, B2B CFO – www.allansmartcfo.co

“I find this event to be both insightful and motivating. I would recommend it to any business professional and spesifically business owners.” — Dave Poer

I was privileged to join a group of Utah Business Leaders for an exceptional event facilitated by Illens Dort. We were treated to a remarkable opportunity to examine our business practices and beliefs to discover the truth within them, while discarding the myths. Probably the greatest concept I learned was that there is “more more.” What does that mean? That age is not a barrier to continued success. That past success or failure does not define my new successes. Today, I can create more “more.” I can enjoy a greater level of success than I ever have. At 60 years of age, that understanding had opened a new level of achievement for me. I highly recommend that you consider Illens Dort for this life changing, business changing opportunity. — Frits Tessers