We all have stories to tell and a song to sing. A song that touches our hearts and speaks to our minds. —Illens Dort

We all have stories to tell. Too many to share them all. We all have a song to sing. A song that touches our heart and speaks to our mind. A song that only us can sing because it is deep in our soul. There is a place and a time to tell our stories and sing our songs. Some stories can only be told in the chamber of our hearts. Others can be entrusted with those who are closest to us. Some songs sound better in the shower when they can be accompanied by the beautiful background music of the flowing water. It does matter how, where, and when we tell our stories and sing our songs, let us do it in a way that will lift a heart, inspire a soul, and elevate the human spirit. Above all let us not end this mortal life without sharing, at least, one song and without telling one uplifting story.

If you have story that you want to share, we are here to hear it. If you have a song you want to sing, we are your audience.

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