You have to have enough significant and sustained moments to create a movement.” —Illens Dort

You have to have enough significant moments to create a movement. Any movement that had had a lasting impact on society has always required great sacrifices. Sacrifice can be defined as having the will-power to give up something of great value to you to give seeds to something of greater value to your community or your world. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many other people we revere as our heroes and great leaders have lived a life of great sacrifice.

As you are reading this thought, can you take a moment to think of someone who has lived (or is living) a life of sacrifice. I you feel so inclined to share, I would invite you to do so.

For me – My parents are on that list. Their world and community were simple and included their children, grandchildren and neighbors.

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Thank you for your time!!!  Illens Dort – authour of Thinking and Acting with a Compassionate Heart