To grow, most people need knowledge, experience, and coaching. You may not be able to do all 3 right now. But you can start with one or two. I shared with you before the decision I made to have a personal fitness trainer and to participate in a fitness group training. With that trainer, I am getting all 3. I did not know there were so many ways to have meaningful workout sessions. I meet with the trainer once a week for only 30 minutes -thanks goodness it’s only 30 minutes. I get so much done in 30 minutes than I could have accomplished on my own in one hour or two hours.

I used to go to the gym by myself. During those times, I only used few machines and worked out only the same “couple of muscles”. With my trainer, I am now using almost every muscle. Another benefit of having a trainer is that I have an accountability partner. Having a coach or trainer (or accountability partner) does not mean you have to hire someone. It does help to have someone who cares enough about you to help you grow. You need someone who has the strength and expertise that you are looking for.

Consistency: You see, this post is coming to you at the eleventh hour. It is because I did not assign a specific time to the task. But I could not go to bed without sending it.