In his book No Limits Dr. John C. Maxwell introduces us to The Capacity Challenge and shares the equation for maximum capacity. The challenge is “If you grow in your awareness, develop your abilities, and make the right choices, you can reach your capacity.”

The equation is simply this: “Awareness + Ability + Choices = Capacity.” You see the first step and the most important one is Awareness. Awareness will help you know where you really are today. It will help you to discover and understand your current reality. You need to be aware of your environment. The second element of the equation is Ability. We all have talents or gifts. Do we know what they are? Are we taking time to cultivate them? Are we using them to help us grow and to develop and equip other people around us? The third element is Choices. The choices you make today will determine what you become tomorrow. You are where you are today because of choices you made yesterday. People sometimes say “I did not have a choice.” I never believe that statement. People use this excuse when they refuse to take responsibilities for their choices and actions. We always have a choice. There are times our actions can narrow our choices.

Therefore, if you want to increase your capacity, you need to be more self-aware, improve your ability, and make better choices. It is not too late. If you have a habit of making bad choices, you can choose to reverse the trend. The moment you decide to reverse the trend, you will be more aware of your environment and the resources that are available to you. You will also begin to work on your ability and develop your talents. 

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